Enema Video Instructional by Nurse Jill

Learn all about enemas by Nurse Jill. What equipment to use, and how to get it.

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  1. probably the Romans – they invented most things and were really kinky too

  2. uh, im sorry, but… who the HELL came up with this…? not the video, the concept of enemas themselves.

  3. Very nice, Jill!

  4. can we know what’s your website?

  5. contact me through my website if you need further instruction

  6. i was just wondering the steps to put an enema … how to do it … step by step :)

  7. thank you. Its a very informative video.

  8. thank you Nurse Jill that was very informational :)

  9. Hi NurseJill,
    I went to wal-mart to get a douche bag/bottle and it works great. But I also bought a baby bottle. When I got home I made the hole at the end of the nipple just a little bigger so that the water can flow through it easier. It actually works ok because it’s not as uncomfortable as a normal enema bottle. Plus it’s easier if someone else does it for you.

  10. I guess anything is possible.

  11. Thanx but is it still possible to use a baby bottle for an enema?

  12. I doubt it. Go to Wal Mart and get a douche bag/bottle for $5.12 They are right next to the latex gloves.

  13. Hi I have a question: is it possible to use a baby bottle to give an enema? My friend told me about it and she says it works great. I’m just not sure if whether I should try it or not

  14. Yeah, it’s pretty funny. She has that condescending tone that most Brits have. LOL

  15. I can’t see there would be a connection.

  16. Hi nurse Jill do know anything about enemas and breastfeeding. Will it effect my milk?

  17. tnx nurse jill

  18. thanks for great video:)

  19. I haven’t tried that. Sounds like a good idea.

  20. for lasting effect of enema, beneficial bacteria must be implanted after enema. 3 table spoons of plain yogourt in a glass of warm water is all you need

  21. Is that ANYTHING like a D-O-U-C-H-E Nozzle?.

  22. I love it when she says, “Excuse me!” after her misspeak.

  23. Baby you can slide a doosh nozzle inside me anyday.

    Hell yeh pump me up, oooh, it goes bigger?

    A VALVE??!?

    This shits intense. Very big aye. Can you fit a balloon nozzle sideways in yer bum?

    Ps. I have strong hands.


    Nurse Floruta, lets squirt lube in each other! <3

  24. Baby you can slide a doosh nozzle inside me anyday.

  25. Very informative, and from a close friend whom I have had the pleasure of being on the receiving end. Look forward to many more instructional videos

  26. nurse jill were can i buy the large luber from your video my e-mail is mcgillisscott68@yahoo.com thanks

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