Q&A: When using a mineral oil enema to soften a VERY hard stool?

Question by : When using a mineral oil enema to soften a VERY hard stool?
How long do I leave the enema in for? Does it work efficiently? If not what are other good alternatives?

I have a very hard stool that is ready to come out but quite frankly I don’t want it to because I know it will be very painful. So I need something to soften it. Fast. Or overnight. I’ve tried milk of magnesium and that does not work. It only makes me Fart and water comes out. Gross I know, so I need help!

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Manual Disimpaction

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  1. You can retain the mineral oil for several hours. I have retained it for up to 3 hours. Remember it doesn’t necessarily soften the stool as much as it also lubricates the stool. The mineral oil is not going to cause peristaltic contractions. In a cause like yours, I would follow it with a 1 quart soap suds enema made with either castile soap (bar or liquid), Ivory bar soap or Neutrogena bar soap (contains glycerine). I would retain it for 5 to 15 minutes until the urge to defecate is strong. Then I would follow with 2 or 3 warm water enemas an 30 minutes to 1 hour apart taking the entire 2 quart bag each time and retaining them 5 to 15 minutes each. If that hasn’t provided relief, you are impacted and need to get to a hospital.

  2. Pog is correct. Make sure you use a soapy enema in conjunction with the mineral oil enema. A mineral oil enema is effective, but it is VERY messy. You will be pooping gross oil for a while after taking it (even days). A soapy enema will clean out the poop and the oil.

    Mineral oil is inert, meaning it does not chemically react, nor does it digest and breakdown the way olive oil and vegetable oil does. It comes out the exact form it went in as (only browner). It’s only purpose is to lubricate your colon/rectum/anus so poop slides out easier.

    I’m sort of an enema connoisseur, and I’ve given up on mineral oil. It’s definitely safe and comfortable, but it’s just way too messy and hard to clean out.

    The fastest and most comfortable way to clean out is to do a soapy enema, then follow it up with a couple of salt water enemas.


    Also, when you have the large, hard, painful poops, it’s best to poop them out while squatting like a baseball catcher. Squatting is actually the more natural way of pooping and it opens your butthole up more. I know this sounds gross, but just squat down while you are showering and poop in the drain. Just don’t push too hard or you’ll get a hemorrhoid, then things will be even worse for you.

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