Best way to give wife a cleansing enema?

Question by sparky: Best way to give wife a cleansing enema?
What equipment is best to use, how much liquid (water) do i use, how high do i hang the enema bag? Hw long should this last?

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Answer by Le@h!!!
you need to ask the doctor….that is some serious stuff right there….dont get it from this website!!!

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  1. I’m sure your doctor or nurse can preform a enema for your wife, plus it would be safer done there than you doing it at home. You wife needs to see her doctor to determine if she needs one or not.

  2. Go to the store and buy miralax. She will be cleaned out within 2 hours.

  3. There are faster and more reliable ways to kill her, but doing that has a fair chance of success.

  4. Iwould suggest you use a 2 quart enema bag,fil it with warm water then
    add castile soap..then invert it to let the air out,,hang it or old it no higher than 18 to 24 inches above her bum. lubricate er anus first and the enema nozzel makes for easier insertion. Hve your wife lay on her left side draw her top leg up towards her chest, this gives you a clear view of he anus.Insert the enema tube nice and slow up her anus for about four inches and hold the tube up her anus.Start the enema using
    the stop and go method to fill her tummy, a good cleansing enema will
    take about 15 minutes.Once she has taken all she can, have her retain
    the enema for at least 5 minutes before expelling,while holding in the
    enema have her lay on her back and massage her tummy.

  5. First let’s start by saying, the use of soap (whether castile or ivory) can be dangerous if not removed. Though more popular in the past the risk of complications was higher.

    The best is either a open top enema/douche bag or a combination hot water bottle enema/douche syringe found in the feminine hygene section of the pharmacy. She should not use the same bage for douching or she will get an infection; so she will be miserable and you will be spending more time taking sexual matters into your own hands.

    How much is a matter of individual capacities and desires. Usually a 2 quart enema is most frequently used however some only do a quart and others try to set capacity records. If she only wants to clear the rectum, then a 1 quart will suffice.

    I would use a tap water enema you should use warm (not hot, about 103F) water with a teaspoon to a tablespoon of salt per quart. Have her start by laying on her left side with the right knee drawn to her chest (sims position). The bag should be hanging 18″-24″ above the point of insertions (the anus). Be sure to open the clamp and let the air out of the tube before inserting in her anus. Open the clamp and let it flow slowly. If she begins to cramp, stop and have pant like a puppy until the cramps subside. The open the clamp again. Continue until she has taken at least 1/3 of the bag. Have her roll to her back (or stomach), open the clamp and administer another 1/3 of the bag. Finally have her roll to her right side and finish the bag. She can then roll onto her back again and lay there retaining it. Panting helps with the cramps and massaging the abdomen helps a person retain the enema. The purpose of changing positions is that this lets gravity work to move the water to the ascending colon.

    You can repeat this several times until the returns are more clear or at least clear of solids. Good luck. Massaging does help. Massaging the “O” zone works too except she may loose control over the rectal sphincter at the wrong time.

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