36 weeks and SEVERE constipation… HELP!!!!!?

I had IBS before I got pregnant. So far I’ve been ok execpt for my 3rd trimester. I spent all of Friday in the hospital because docs were worried I had a bowel obstruction, since 3 enemas failed to clear me out. They finally had to resort to the GoLytely solution that they normally give to patients having colonoscopies.

Has anyone else has such bad constipation problems? What have you done about it. I drink prune juice, take stool softner, eat mass quantities of fiber, drink tons of water… everything the docs tell me to do, but they think I don’t do it because to them I shouldn’t be so backed-up if I followed their instructions.

I keep thinking that if they would just induce at 37 weeks, my life would be better (baby’s heart rate also goes up to 190’s in response to my pain) but they don’t want to induce until 38 weeks. I am convinced that I could be in really bad shape in 2 more weeks.
What should I do???

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  1. Well it sounds like you are doing everything you can. I have found that applesauce helps as well as apple juice. I just prefer the applesauce. Drink LOTS of water, all you can stand. Try Metamucil..that may help. I have not had too much of a problem with it but have had some. I had to switch from prenatels to Flinstones in the beggining because they made me constipated. You might ask about changing your vitamin. Also they make OTC suppositories but if the stool softener is not helping, that may not either.

    I would discuss the induction fully with your doctor and see what they say. Let them know that you are feeling like you will not be very healthy if it continues. Us women seem to know our bodies alot better than doctors sometimes and they should know how you feel.

  2. Ah, I had this problemo like a week ago, I HATE constipation with a PASSION..lol. Before I was pregnant I had it as well but it’s gotten a hell of a lot worse since then, I tried everything as well..raisin bran, prunes, extra water, exercise…etc. but nothing helped I don’t have any advice but I just wanted you to know that you’re def not the only one. Eventually I just lost hope..lol.

    Feel better! It’s almost over.

  3. I had this problem but no where near as bad as you. My only concern is the baby stress. If I was you I would get a second opinion or just insist the do something cause you know your body better than anyone.

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