Enema Instructions

Suggested directions for taking a high enema.

Please note that these instructions are guidelines only, we accept no responsibility for the self administration of enemas, as with all health procedures it is recommended that you consult a relevant health professional before proceeding.

How to take an enema

Although complete bowel cleansing and maintenance requires herbs, diet, massage and often packs and poultices, enemas are a significant and useful self-help measure which serves an important function in any bowel program. Some types of enema can reach the portal vein and enabling the liver to release toxins. The typical enema kit relies on gravity feed. This means that the bag is designed to be placed on a hook at approximately shoulder height.  A tube of about 5 feet connects the container with the nozzle at the other end and there is a small tap with which the flow of the liquid can be regulated.

You will need the following:
A convenient hook
An enema kit!
2 pints of enema liquid (various types are listed below). Whatever the contents, the liquid should be room temperature. Too warm and it could be dangerous, too cold and it would be hard to retain.

You will find your enema a simple and pleasant experience if you organise yourself well, set aside a relaxed half an hour and provide yourself with something to do when you are retaining the enema (music, book, etc). Many people like to take their enema while they are soaking in a warm bath, others
prefer to do it on a rug on the bathroom floor, the illustration shows one of the most common positions.

When you are ready:
The enema kit should be filled with 2 litres of your chosen liquid, and hung approx 2-3 feet from the floor, a door handle is suitable.  Open the tap on the enema kit to allow the air out, and the liquid to the end of the tip.
1. lubricate the enema nozzle (we use coconut or olive oil)
2. lie on your back or on your right side
3. gently insert the nozzle into the rectum until it is firmly in place
4. gently turn the little tap to allow the liquid to flow through the tube
you can control the level of flow by turning the tap
5. don’t expect too much of yourself the first time, either in terms of the amount of liquid retained or the retention time (after a number of enemas your body will get used to retaining more liquid for longer)
6. aim to retain about 2 pints for at least 10 minutes at the outset (your practitioner may have already advised you)
7. sometimes the urge to release cannot be ignored and it is wise to let it go and begin again.

As the bowel condition improves, it will be easier to accept and retain more liquid with a minimum of discomfort. The colon